1. Daughter Elena

    Crazy about the roof being stolen, but I can imagine “abandoned” property enticing. The builder seems really involved so that’s fantastic. Sick blog pops.

    “Sick or slick EB?” Pops

  2. TropiCat

    Hey Cocomorgan!

    Good on you for starting a blog! You’ll have much to write about once you get started on this insane project of ‘Building in Belize’

  3. Mrs. Coco Morgan

    We made a good choice. Life should be interesting.

  4. Great site. From here it will just get more interesting.

  5. Phil,

    Glad to see you have a blog- I will be watching/reading the progress. Hope things start to shape up and that the trip through Mexico to the homestead happens without a hitch – wait you are taking a trailer……

    have fun and play out those dreams – all good.

  6. Hi Phil!
    Very cool blog site! This is a great way to keep all of your friends in the loop of what you are doing in Belize!
    We enjoyed meeting you and Leslie, and can’t wait to read about all of your adventures! Your property is so nice and we loved the photos! The local map was great, too, because it gave us a better idea of where you are located.
    It’ll be a few years until we can live our dreams in Sarteneja…but when we get there, it’ll be so fun sharing a few Belikins!!!
    All our best,
    Judy and Dale

  7. Yea Phil:

    We think its great that you are trying to live your dream. We have always thougth that the years we spent living aboard our sailboat were the best we ever spent.

    I looked up your approx loc on Google Earth and it seems to be a really interesting area.

    Good Luck and keep the info going.


  8. Phil and Leslie
    I tired to email you a couple months back to find out how things were going, the email bounced back.
    So your making move, good for you! Looks beautiful! How far are you out of San Ignacio?
    I spent my last two nights in San Ignacio, interesting little town. I rented a car and drove out to check out property past San Antonio, on the way to Caracol.
    Let me know if you hear of any good deals for land near you on the river.
    Great website too!

  9. In honor of my brother, the first blog that I’ve gone to – I know I know- old school. However, the attraction is following the adventure and keeping up with all the events. Great idea and fantastic job, Phil. Enjoy the journey and now you will have it all documented. Looking forward to new info from the current trip.

  10. Phil: You are following a dream more power to YOU.Enjoy seeing the plans for the house.How about that swimming pool.Looking forward to more info on your property.

    MJH & Paul

  11. Phil: I like going on your blog and reading all the new things on it. The pics are great. It’s starting to look so familiar to me. You have to be so excited. Keep the blog coming.

  12. I’ll have a shot of whisk(e)y with my charizo and eggs por favor! Then we’ll do some fine decorating of su casa. See you in 2 days man!

  13. Love you both and am doing a virtual drive with you. Get up at dawn each day so you make good distance

  14. The Christys, Butschkes and Davissons are watching your progress. Drive safely! Amy says:
    “the pictures are gorgeous! I want coconuts when you get there.”

  15. Now that you have arrived safely in Belize I am sleeping well tonight. Hope you had some Belikins with those Shrimp tacos. Hope Dad finds some Lobster. The last leg to Coco Cabana will be filled with “topes” speed bumps and our road is rutted with pot holes but all should be a snap after your 2500 mile journey. Well done!!

    Lots of Love, Mom

  16. So good to talk to you both tonight on our little piece of Paradise in Belize. The trailer is on site and you have been into town to buy beer and water. Any food? Can’t wait to see some pictures when you have a chance to send a few. Elena – use the camera lots and take pictures of everything and everyone. If you can send them or put them on the blog it would great, but I know you have lots to do to get organized and settled. Enjoy the grapefruit from our very own tree. Yummmmm. Too bad Dad is not supposed to eat grapefruit.

    Hope you sleep well and have a great time getting a suntan. Use sun screen – ok?

    Take a picture of you both in your new Coco Cabana T’shirts.

    Love Mom

  17. Leslie…thank you for sending us an email to tell us that Phil and Elena arrived safely in Belize!

    Phil and Elena…how awesome that you made it safely without any problems! Elena, do good in school and I’m sure you’ll be back to Belize as soon as you can to see your Dad.

    Phil…we are looking forward to upcoming postings and pictures on your blog. Hope you can sell lots of coconuts to help with fixing up your house! Sounds like you have met some nice people in Belize, which is no surprise, and it will be great to have lots of friends. Please take care of yourself!

    You’re in our thoughts often…
    Judy and Dale

  18. Say Phil- no more blog reports? I went on to check it out and nothing that I haven’t heard or seen before. Miss that blog thing…

  19. Hi. My son and and wife are flying to Belize today for 1 week. I have forgotten that you too are there. If you want to look them up contact me and i’ll give you their addr., etc. They are in San Pedro area. Act quickly. THX.

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